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About Us

“Aakar” Consultants and Infrastructure Developers Pvt. Ltd. is a brain child of Brig R.K. Gupta, VSM, (Retd.), a competent, successful Structural Engineer, efficient planner and Manager, with vast experience of over 28 years in various strategic appointments in the Indian Army, Aakar was founded in the year 2007, to realize the dream of providing services for safe and aesthetic designs and top quality construction with minimum cost and time over run to achieve the objective of providing efficient, accurate and economical services to the client to his full satisfaction. The organization is driven by a robust work force of experienced and dedicated personnel, expert in their own field, forming the core of the company. Inspite of the economic turbulences just after the start of the business, the company could withstand the test of time, and was entrusted with Engineering, Project Management and Construction of Projects by various organizations, which were completed successfully.

“Aakar” believes in staying alert to future opportunities, with the result “Aakar” could secure number of projects including a challenging and prestigious pilot project of Indian Army for providing Integrated Insulated Shelters in High Altitude Areas to improve the Living conditions of Troops. The Company’s turnover has been growing continuously ever since its inception. From a modest Turnover of Rs. 50 Lakh in the first year, the company has grown to a turnover of Rs. 15 Crores in Financial Year 2012-13.

“Aakar” is an ISO – 9001 certified company with a vision to grow this enterprise to better serve our clients. We emphasize client’s satisfaction, technical excellence and organizational growth. As we look to the future our vision points the way to larger, more diversified and more successful company that we strive to become.

Our main focus is on to provide an optimal, durable and sustainable design to the prospective clients. The services for Architectural Designs, Project Management and Work Contracts mainly emphasize on time and cost management to ensure effective and quick delivery of projects. Leveraging new potentials of management and technology, our specialized services will reward you with greater returns on your investment.  

Having worked across all over India, Aakar is now looking forward to take up Construction projects abroad, especially in USA.